The Rosa Acosta Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Hello guys !
We made it to week 2! Did you guys fully follow the challenge everyday? Where you able to drink all your water? Did you really gave up the sodas, alcohol and artificial juices? Ideally I would love to heard a YES from all of you, but I know in reality with life being so fast maybe a day here and there you weren’t able to do exactly what you was supposed to. However the idea of this challenge is to create healthy habits and that takes more than a week. Make sure you work on the steps you were weak this first 7 days and get ready to add more to this challenge.

In addition to your water, no alcohol, soda or artificial juice:

  • Do cardio at least 3-4 times per week. (My favorite cardio is: Jump rope! This is an easy 15 min cardio very effective and you don’t need to leave your home the only thing you need is a jump rope.) W
  • We are going to do my AB series 2 days a week (Watch videos here)
  • The legs and buns series 1 day a week (Watch videos here)
  • The upper body series 1 day a week (Watch videos here)

You decide which days do what here’s an schedule example:
Monday : Cardio/Abs
Tuesday : Cardio/Upper Body
Wednesday : Rest
Thursday : Cardio Legs
Friday: Cardio/Abs
Weekend Rest

Follow the cardio exactly as the post explain. With the other video series please start doing as much as you can. I can do the whole series in one workout but I’m not expecting for you to do it all. However is not impossible to do it. 3-4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. If you can invest in a pair of 3/5 pound dumbbells that would be fantastic. I’d you don’t have them yet or can’t invest in them try using anything for now ( 2 bottles of water for ex. just be creative ;) )

- Absolutely NO fast food

- Pick 3 days to do this cleanse (preferably the days you are not working out).


Also if you like to drink green tea that’s very much acceptable as long as is 100% green tea ( not ice tea or ice tea flavored drinks)

No Starbucks kind of coffee but a shot or cup of organic coffee is fine if you need it to go trough your day

***And last I need everybody to send their update/progress pic for week 2 . I am not expecting to see a lot of changes that’s why I want also a small paragraph on how was the first week for you and how you feel.
I will pick the winner or a few winners and announced it here around Wednesday (8/19) so make sure you send your pics!***

Any questions, please post in the comments below.

To be considered to win weekly contest and final prize you must tag me on Instagram using #RosaAcostaFitnessChallenge with a picture of yourself (where I can see how you are looking at the moment ) and update me with pics every week so I can see the results you are getting. If you don’t feel comfortable posting the pictures you can also email your pics to [email protected].

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  • @only1maryjane

    This will be my first week starting I will follow everyweek I need to get ride of my tummy nd tone up

  • Dirty Diana

    Once we hit the two week mark is when we send them right so next Monday?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Send a pic every week so I can see the results. So if you started last week, then you should of sent it yesterday and then next Monday for this weeks challenge and so on.

  • Sonia

    Should the detox be done in 3consecutive days? I’m very excited that I don’t feel so bloated. I have not had beer, juice or coffee (not much of a soda person)

    • Rosa Acosta

      Yes in order to reset your body you should do it 3 consecutive days. Good luck!

  • ♕ Ex nihilo ♕

    When do the day with abs, is it one Part per day or do we do all the Parts every ab day?

    • Katrina Santiago

      I’d think all parts of the ab video each day ab day

    • Rosa Acosta

      I do the whole circuit in one day but remember to do what you can. Push yourself to your limits, but make sure you do it with caution.

  • Jenn

    I would like to know what are we suppose to drink the first day of detox for lunch drink and dinner drink??

    • Rosa Acosta

      Hey Jenn,

      Make sure to look at the detox graphic, all the drinks are specified there (and what goes in them) for the lunch/dinner drink. Same thing everyday, it’s just spread out for the graphic.

  • Sandra Lizbeth

    I’m 1week late but om defenitley doing this challenge thanks for the motivation!!!

  • Sandra Lizbeth

    I’m 1week late but om defenitley doing this challenge thanks for the motivation!!!

  • Sandra Lizbeth

    BTW will all this work the same way if I’m trying to gain mass?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Yes. Overall, the fitness challenge is to be healthy. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain HEALTHY* mass or just maintain your figure, you won’t lose any muscle.

  • Sandra Lizbeth

    BTW will all this work the same way if I’m trying to gain mass?

  • disqus_dTOzvrpgKs

    I’m not able to start the detox Til sat and the work out due to a med procedure thurs and Fri. Today I did an hour of cardio on the treadmill and legs+ abs. Sat I will start w/ your videos and work out plan. Thank you for this because I just went around to machines after cardio not really having a plan. I never drink sodas or alcohol but I’ve cut out the juices now. I had been juicing but does the natural sugar in fruit keep me from reaching my goals?

    • Rosa Acosta

      It depends how much juice you are drinking. If drank in moderation natural juice wont hurt your fitness.

  • Charrel Cryer

    How should we send pictures? I’ve been uploading on Instagram with the hashtag but I don’t know if that is the correct way

    • Rosa Acosta

      Email or hash tag is fine

  • Julz

    Hey Rosa! Thank you so much for this challenge I am so excited. Just one question. Can I add honey to the juice I have made or is that cheating?

    • Rosa Acosta

      The juice does not need anything. Fruit has its own sugar and thats plenty.

  • Shonnie314

    I have drank 1 gallon of water infused it with lemons and cumbers. I have one sitting the fridge with watermelon and strawberries. It helps with the sweet craving for juice. Hope this helps someone.

  • Mimi B

    Hello Rosa, is it to late to join the fitness challenge?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Its never too late

  • Charrel Cryer

    When does week three come out?

  • Sonia

    What should I eat my first day back after this cleanse? This is making it hard to go to the bathroom. Is that supposed to happen?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Hi Sonia i reply to you on your week 3 comment.

  • Name

    The schedule example that you posted above.. Is that how often you work out each body part too or do you do arms and legs more than once a week?


    did you know Jesus truly loves you,seriously did you?,cause he truly does,be blessed

  • uluvjazzy

    I just found out about this fitness challenge, and yeah I am late. But guess what, Im still doing it! I am getting close to week 2, successfully drank at least 3.4 liters of water a day last week (no juice or pop)! Cant wait to do week 2

  • viviane

    do you do the 3 day detox cleanse for 3 days every week?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Only the first week. Or as much as you feel you need to reset your body. If you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water you don’t have to detox often.

  • viviane

    and how long should i be doing cardio for?

    • Rosa Acosta

      The cardio instructions are on the article-

  • Cheryl

    I am super excited to make a change for myself doing this challenge you created. I cannot see the image of the detox schedule

  • Jadira MB

    Hi Rosa!! So I know I’m posting this under week 2, but I just recently found out about this challenge… i’m really excited to get started and I will be writing about the challenge and my progress in my blog: … i know you’re super busy and may not even see this post… but its been a difficult year for me and I can’t wait to take control of everything including my body weight… I’ll be sending you pictures of my progress and one day I hope you’ll post me as your #wcw … dios.patria.libertad <3

    • Rosa Acosta


  • LaWilliam

    Hi Rosa!!!! Im really late on this fitness challenge but im really determined and motivated to start exercising. Im a mother of a 2 year old, go to school, & work. Most of the time its hard for me to find time to exercise & other times im lazy lol :) but looking through your pics, I feel like I should get off my ass and just do it…I will definitely start your fitness challenge 2morrow

  • Gladdy

    Hi Rosa!! I’m only on week 2 of your challenge, but I promise I feel the difference already. You are such a motivation, not only because you’re so beautiful and healthy, but because you seem like you REALLY wanna help us.
    This is the first time I have been this motivated to get in shape. I will send progress pics soon :)

    • Rosa Acosta

      I’m so happy to hear you are doing great ! Please keep me updated and if you have any questions I answer all of them here ! Just leave a comment. Of tag me using #rosaacostafitnesschallenge in your social media