The Rosa Acosta Fitness Challenge: Week 5

Congratulations to our week 4 winner Sherika!

Congrats on making it to week 5!

By now we all should be seeing some results. Don’t get discouraged by the little results you might have gotten in 4-5 weeks. The idea of this challenge is to create healthy habits that will stick to your lifestyle. So the whole point is not to get dramatic magical results, but long lasting results. Don’t forget to keep sending me the pics every week or tagging me using #RosaAcostaFitnessChallenge So you are eligible for the weekly prizes.

The Myth of Women Bulking Up 

If you are a woman, it simply isn’t possible to “bulk up” with a few workouts a week. It’s just not enough time and you don’t have the hormones necessary for it anyway. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for muscle mass and girth increase. Men have this in abundance so it’s easier for them. Some men are bulky and strong without even lifting weights because they have such high levels, but that gift usually comes at the expense of hair loss – another effect of high testosterone.

Women have about the same testosterone levels as a 10 year old boy, so “bulking” is obviously not a possibility. Even women who want to bulk cannot do so without the aid of drugs, steroids, excessive supplementation, and many hours per day of heavy conventional weight lifting.

Women who do spend hours working out and lifting weights without the drugs and steroids, end up looking like world fitness champion Suzie Curry pictured at the bottom of this page. She said that her workouts were a “full time job”. Exercise is her occupation. Suzie lifts weights more than 20 hours a week and trains with cardio another 10-15 hours on top of that! As you can see, all this exercise has not made her a giant bulky woman. She stands 5’ 2”, weighs 110 lbs. and has a 24 inch waist. Her muscle definition is obvious but her arms measure only 10.5 inches in circumference. You can also hopefully understand that if she can’t bulk up with great genetics and 30+ hours of exercise a week, you won’t either. So please stop being afraid of muscle. Muscle is your friend and NO big body transformation is possible without muscles.

So with that being said here is the week 5 Fitness challenge:

  • 1. Add more weight — By now we also should be stronger so increase your lifting weight by at least 5 more pounds.
  • 2. Try something new — To avoid hitting plateau, make sure you add something different to your routine. I love bikram yoga and Zumba. Can’t pay the extra dollars? YouTube a dance or yoga class!
  • 3. Add more lean protein and veggies to your plate. Eat your fruit in moderation and only in the AM.

Can you do it? Leave your comments and let me know how are you doing so far and whats the worse part and easiest part of the challenge!

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