The Rosa Acosta Fitness Challenge: Week 4

Hello ladies!

Congrats on making it this far! We are now starting week 4!
I’m very happy to hear your experiences with the challenge. I love to hear not only the successful results, but also the struggles, because what is a challenge without a bit of struggle? Please keep leaving website comments, questions and what’s giving you the hardest time so far. Remember I’m here to help!
One of the most important things when trying to take your body to the next level is to expect results for YOU. Why would you like to have her body, when you can have YOURS? 
I know that these days with social pressure to look perfect, it is easy to get lost on false expectations on how we should/can look. Take a look at this picture for example:
The first pic is REAL. That is how my glutes look pretty much all the time. Of course when I’m posing for a Men’s Magazine I will try to arch my back and/or they will manipulate the angles to make me look bigger.
The 2nd picture I found on the Internet. If you are following me on twitter about a week ago, an account that only tweets images of girls with “Big Asses” mentioned me on the picture. I replied back and asked them why did they photoshop my picture. They immediately apologize and tweeted the correct picture, which is the first.
So remember, the first pic shows the results you can get in the GYM, the second picture shows the results of photoshop and unicorns.
So lets not get too far from reality and what working out can do for us. ONLY FAT can give you a “fat ass” —  the gym is going to give you one toned/lifted/round with minimal cellulite.
Photo credit @chassidy_s

This week challenge includes the following:

  • Control your portions. Now that we are eating so many times a day check out this helpful article on how much you should put on your plate. I personally don’t limit my vegetables sides, and I usually do more than one serving of protein. But I’m not trying to lose weight either. This topic is a little complicated because everybody has different goals and needs. So I always recommend a professional diet coach if you really feel like you need to.

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