The Rosa Acosta Fitness Challenge: Week 8

Hello ladies!
Sorry for the delays with the final week for the #RosaAcostaFitnessChallenge
I’m so proud of all my ladies for showing Me that YOU CAN DO IT! ¬†I have been seeing your pics and checking the hashtag on IG and I can see a big difference in your body. I hope that the past 2 months you have got some tips that will be not only a 2 month challenge but that will stick to your lifestyle.
I want to ask everybody for one last picture. I will make a collage and compare week 1-8 and i will pick a BIG winner maybe 2 ūüėČ for the challenge.
Please come back every day for daily fitness tips, articles, recipes and videos. I love you! And I hope you had fun! Keep the challenge and update me from time to time!!
A few mistakes we made:
When you stick to a routine, it’s easy to become, well, stuck. “We fall into a comfort zone, and we keep doing the same thing even when we’re not seeing any improvement,” says Barbara Bushman, PhD, a professor of¬†exercise¬†physiology at¬†Missouri State University¬†in Springfield. If you’re not trimming down, toning up, or feeling any fitter, it’s likely due to one of the following exercise¬†errors. Read on for how to reboot — and get the body you want, pronto!
  • Mistake #1: You Rely on Cardio to Peel Off Pounds

For most women, sweaty aerobic¬†exercise¬†alone isn’t enough. “Research shows that¬†weight loss¬†is minimal if it isn’t accompanied by dieting,” says Amy Luke, PhD, a nutritional epidemiologist at the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University Chicago. “We may compensate for the extra energy we’re burning during physical activity by doing less¬†the rest of¬†the day, or more commonly, we feel famished after working out, so we eat more.”

The Solution:¬†Keep your¬†diet¬†in check. To drop a pound, which is 3,500¬†calories, in one week, aim to eat 300 fewer calories every day (300 x 7 = 2,100) while burning 300 calories from¬†exercise¬†five times a week (300 x 5 = 1,500). Follow our “Slimmer in 7 Days!” plan, not only to¬†burn¬†1,500 calories a week but also to firm up from head to toe. Plus, to beat the post-workout hunger attack, pack a low-cal snack like a piece of fruit. “You plan for¬†exercise. You need to plan what you’re going to eat afterward,” says John Porcari, PhD, a professor of¬†exercise¬†physiology at the University of Wisconsin at La¬†Crosse and a FITNESS advisory board member. Drinking lots of water helps too.

  • Mistake #2: You Race Through Your Reps

Two things could be going on here: Either your weights are too light, which is often the case for women, or they’re too¬†heavy, and you’re letting momentum or gravity take over. Either way, your muscles aren’t being sufficiently challenged, which is why they’re not getting more¬†toned. “To see an improvement in definition, you need to have an increase in the protein¬†content of¬†muscle fibers, and that happens when the muscles are stressed and being called on to exert more force,” Bushman explains.

The Solution:¬†If you don’t believe you’ve done just about all you can do by the end of a set, pick a heavier weight. “You want there to be a bit of strain on the second-to-last and last reps,” Bushman says. Reach for a lighter dumbbell when you aren’t¬†moving¬†the weight with steady control as you lift and lower.

  • Mistake #3 You Skip the Warm-Up

‚ÄčYou may think you’re¬†saving time, but you’re actually just compromising the first 5 to 10 minutes of your¬†workout. “Your body literally needs to warm up so that blood flow increases, the nervous system wakes up, and the body starts to use energy and oxygen more efficiently,” says Michael Bracko, a sports physiologist and director at the Institute for Hockey Research in Calgary. The upshot: Every step feels like less of a slog, and¬†calorie¬†burn¬†kicks into high gear.The Solution:¬†Bracko says that the best warm-up is to do your chosen¬†exercise¬†at a low intensity. Runners, for example, should walk, then jog. “Keep at it until you break a sweat,” Bracko says. Alternately, you can try “dynamic”¬†stretches, which are moves that take your body through the range of motions you’re about to do. For a runner, that can mean high knees,¬†butt¬†kicks, and forward, reverse, and side lunges. “Avoid static¬†stretching, where you’re holding poses for several counts. That actually calms the system down and can impair performance,” Bracko adds.

  • Mistake #4 : Your Workout Is the Sole Activity You Get

Sit all¬†day¬†and you’re missing out on burning an easy 900 extra¬†calories. That’s the difference between what people who aren’t sedentary melt in non-exercise activity during day¬†versus what couch potatoes¬†burn, says¬†James Levine, MD, PhD, an obesity expert at the Mayo Clinic and author of¬†Move a Little, Lose a Lot. “Humans are basically built to be moving. The mechanisms that drive metabolism switch on when a person stands and they switch off as soon as she sits,” Dr. Levine says.

The Solution:¬†The more active you are, the better. At the very least, you should get up every hour and walk or march in place. One easy change Dr. Levine recommends: Pace the floor when you’re on¬†the phone. Make it a habit and¬†weight loss¬†will be just several calls away!

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