Rosa Acosta Fitness Q&A #2

Hey everyone! Thanks to everyone that participated in Fitness Q&A #1. I highlighted some great questions and answers below. Continuing with #1, Q&A #2 focuses on other questions that weren’t mentioned or answered in #1 so feel free to ask anything fitness-related and I’ll do my best to help 😉

Some questions from Q&A #1

I have really bad inner fat in my thighs. What can I do? – Cindy

You need to make sure you do your cardio. Cardio is more effective when it is short and intense rather than long and passive.

On your leg day make sure you target your inner thigh. One good machine is the adduction leg machine.

Here’s some more good and easy exercices for inner-thighs:


I am a mom of three and I love working out but my back hurts way too much when I do cardio. Can I stick to weight training and get the same results when I still need to loose 20 pounds?? – Vivi

First thing, it would be good to know WHY your back hurts in the first place. Is it because of an injury? Maybe you are doing something wrong, using the wrong shoe (that can have an impact), doing cardio for too long perhaps?

I think you should visit your doctor and find the reason why your back hurts when you do your cardio before you stick to any workout regimen as it can also affect your back.


What are you daily meals like? What times do you eat carbs, etc?

My meal plans are designed to meet my goals. I basically want to stay in shape, build healthy mass and also stay in good health.

I eat about 3 meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day. My diet is full of veggies, chicken and fish. The key is to control your portions and stay away from garbage. I personally NEVER drink SODA or artificial juices but I drink tons of water and natural juices that I juice myself.

You can always contact a professional diet coach to design a program that suits your needs. Mine is @JustAddMuscle (Follow him for fitness tips on IG and Twitter).


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– Rosa xoxo