Proper Methods to Gain Lean Muscle Mass in Order to Lose Fat Through Training and Nutrition

In 20 years of being involved in many different aspects of the Health and Fitness Industry, I have never seen so much confusion and people overwhelmed by so much conflicting information. The Health and Fitness industry has gone from something that was practiced by a few weekend warriors and a very small cult following of Bodybuilders and Professional Athletes. To something that is now part of almost every household from young to old.

With this huge evolution of the industry has come an enormous surge of both quality researched studied information and people just coming out with their own theories and preaching them as the holy grail and be all and end all to proper nutrition. Now if you have a big enough social media account with a lot of followers the information that is put out is more acceptable than any scientist, chemist, dietitian or healthcare professional.

I am here to tell you that nothing has changed in the way our bodies worked today from 1000 years ago. Yes we may know more and have more available information, but the basics are still pretty much the same. I have worked with 100’s of professional athletes over the years as a nutritional advisor and a physical trainer in just about every sport imaginable. I can tell you that one of the greatest benefits one can achieve through physical training and nutrition is the addition of lean functional body mass and the reduction of body fat.

With that said and enough babbling for one article I will try to simplify what the basics are in order to achieve what most of us want. To gain muscle and to burn fat. Ideally we always want to do both, but let me explain that doing both to a significant extent is near impossible.

What I always tell most clients, friends and family member is always the same simple guide lines. If you cannot at least see the outline of your abdominal muscles. You are simply over weight by health standards and should focus on healthy weight loss first. With out killing you with numbers I can tell you to begin this process by multiplying your current bodyweight by 10 and that will give you roughly how many calories you should try to eat daily. Concentrate on high fiber content vegetables like String Beans, Asparagus, Broccoli , zucchini, summer squash and so on as side dishes to high protein low fat sources like grilled chicken breast,fish, certain cuts of lean beef and pork.

I recommend cooking meats in a high smoke point type oil like coconut oil or macademia nut oil to prevent ingesting oxidized harmful fats. Olive oil is great but raw, mixed with vinegar and sea salt used as dressing. Once you cook it is another story. Check our Youtube channel for a ton of different low carb recipe videos on low carbohydrate cooking in order to feed the body but starve the fat.

As far as training is concerned there is equal amounts of confusion out there and people lining up to take your money with their complicated training Schemes. Most important over all training principals always remember on word “Intensity”. It has been my saying for many years when people ask me how hard they should train to tell them: ”Leave your soul on that last rep”. If you can carry a conversation after getting done training then you are not training hard enough. With that said always keep upper body rep range on all exercises to 8-12 reps with one warm up set of 15 followed by 4 working sets per exercise. Legs are a much more stubborn muscle group and they require more repetitions per set and I believe 20 reps per set yields Max results for leg exercises.

As far as supplementation. A good meal replacement protein with high fiber like Allmax Hexapro after training and or as a meal replacement throughout the day is great. This not only serves to exchange bad food decisions for great ones but it is a very easy practical way to get an amazing tasting protein supplement and increase your daily protein intake throughout the day. Ideally for best results and recovery from training you want to get roughly one gram of protein per lb of bodyweight out of those 10 daily calories per pound.

If you are looking to tone your body and lose those extra pounds at an accelerated rate and you have no heart or high blood pressure issues I suggest a great combination stack like the theRosa Acosta Lean Physique and Body Toner Combo . These are not everything but they are 2 great additions to your routine to speed up the process of your journey by a great deal.