New Year…New Resolutions!

Another year, another list of new year resolutions. Aren’t we all just tired of letting yet another year pass by, without achieving our fitness goals? Let’s make 2014 count!

But where to start? What to do? Often not having the answer to all these questions sets us up for failure before we even start. So you are now at the right place! I am here to help you, guide you, be your support system and give you the little bit of motivation we all need to start and to keep going.

The first thing you should do is measure/weight yourself and take pics preferably in your underwear (front, side and back). Taking pictures every week is a great way of tracking results. The second thing should be creating a realistic goal — one that includes your body. Do not think about having a body like any of the celebs we see on the media everyday, instead think about having the best body YOU can have.

I want you to check the first week of my #RosaAcostaFitnessChallenge

After the holidays theres nothing better than to start fresh. There is even a little 3 day detox perfect to reset your body. The first week of my fitness challenge is fun and not so hard that you might want to quit right away.

Would you like to see a few more posts about DETOX? Let me know!

Send me your before pics every week for the chance to win #BodyByRosaAcosta gear, supplements and more prizes! Also, make sure you tag your progress on Twitter and IG using #RosaAcostaFitnessChallenge

Leave your comments and questions!