Fitness Tip From Rosa – #32 // Top Weight-Loss Mistakes

Missing Breakfast

A lot of dieters miss breakfast because they think that by doing so, they are lowering their total calorie intake for the day. However, many nutrition experts, doctors and scientists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need this meal for energy and strength for the busy day ahead. Moreover, if you miss breakfast, you will end up consuming more unhealthy foods during the latter part of the day. If you want to shed some pounds, don’t miss breakfast. Just make sure that the first meal of the day is not composed of sugar-rich and carbohydrate-laden foods. Eggs, apples, and a toast of whole grain bread are good breakfast fare.


Relying On Fad Diets

Eating only cabbage or tomato-based soup for a couple of weeks and chewing not lower than 20 sugar-free pieces of gum per day are just some of the fad diets you will find on the Net and get from well-meaning friends. These crash weight-loss plans may help you lose a few inches in your waist in the short-term, but may be detrimental to your health in the long run. Moreover, most of the pounds lost from these diet fads are usually gained immediately after stopping the program.


Having A Negative Outlook

The mind plays a vital role in your dream of having rock-hard abs or slender but curvaceous body. People who believe that you can lose weight and keep them off usually succeed not only because they stick with their weight loss program, but they also have a healthy and positive outlook of themselves and their capability to be victorious. If it is hard for you to believe that you can shed off your unwanted pounds, there is a big possibility that you will not lose even a single pound because you will revert back to old ways and not continue your weight loss plans.

Scale Watching

Many people are guilty of watching the scale every day, or even a couple of times a day, when they are following a diet and exercise regimen because they want to see immediate results. However, the effects of changing your eating habits and being more active are not instantaneous. It usually takes a couple of days or weeks before you can see a significant drop in your weight if you follow a healthy diet plan. If you weigh in everyday, there is a big chance that you will be disheartened because of the slow progress when it comes to shedding pounds.


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