Rosa Acosta x Two in the Shirt x H-Town


For the past three years we’ve been designing t-shirts for the H-Town Sneaker Summit. It’s one of our favorite events, and we always bring a new shirt and new design to the Summit to complement the shoes, the people and the city. This year, we shot with Rosa Acosta, who we’ve worked with in the… Reads more »

Wild N Out Returns July 9th!


MTV’s groundbreaking Wild ‘N Out is back with everything that made it a must-see show–the lightning fast comedic improv, head-to-head battling and of course, the master of ceremonies Nick Cannon. But now, in its new MTV2 incarnation, Wild ‘N Out is out for new blood. (via MTV)

Which Rosa looks better?


I’m using a new site called Bedloo to come up with little questions for you guys Look out for more! Follow me at:  

Rosa Acosta on What She Prefers in the Bedroom


Rosa Acosta recently sat down with VladTV and what turns her on in bed, revealing that she’s not into acrobatics, but explains that she’s more into making love. Rosa also gives a run down on different things she’s tried that worked and didn’t work.