Workout With Rosa Acosta: Legs and Buns (Part 3)

Rosa Acosta shows you two more legs and buns exercises. (Subscribe to keep up to date with the newest workout videos from Rosa!)

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  • Lexie

    How many sets should you do?

    • Rosa Acosta

      Start light with about 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

  • Ashley

    What’s your booking information for press/radio interviews?

  • Natasha Brown

    I am a 23 year old woman with two young children under 3 years old and a flabby stomach with loose skin over it. I am average slim build, flatter than I really want to be. I am 5’1 and 127 lbs. What is your best excercise regimen Rosa on how to get my stomach flat, thighs big, and butt round and big. My butt is already round but it is small and round with fat cheeks but no arch. I also walk slouched over I have very bad posture, what could help me with that ? Thank you

    • Rosa Acosta

      Cardio with weight training.

      Nothing is going to give you a BIG butt unless you naturally have one. Squats/lounges,etc can make your glutes look the best they can. They will reshape and lift your butt and add some volume. You need to take control over your posture and remind yourself about it everyday until it becomes natural for you to have a good posture.

      I’m not sure what you mean with no arch but if it is what im thinking working your lower back will definitely help

      • Natasha Brown

        That’s very good advice Rosa thank you and I just want to add that Irespect u very much. You are one of the few video models in the game that is very informative and helpful to giving work out advice to women like myself. I wish you plenty of success and blessings and thank you for answering my question. And by arch, yes I meant the arch from the lower back to the booty, that makes the body look more curvy. And your videos are fantastic !!! I started 3 days ago and I see results already and my posture is improving because of the excercises.

        • Natasha Brown

          You need your own excercise show on BET or something. You’re amazing

          • Rosa Acosta

            Thank you!

  • crisali

    Im a 22 year old women with 2 kids under 4 im 5’1 & I weight 132 whats your best exercise rosa for helping me loose my lower belly fat (ever since I can remember ive had a problem with that) & getting thick legs, flat stomach & bigger butt I would really appreciate your help & also a quick question does drinking/eating protien help to grow muscles in legs?