Get the Rosa Acosta / Konsole Kings PS3 Theme

Konsole Kingz presents 2009 Eye Candy of the Year, Rosa Acosta, in the greatest wild west show ever! This sexy dynamic theme features 14 new photos of Rosa (auto rotating), custom icons and custom sounds.

For behind the scenes footage and more sexy themes visit:

After you have downloaded this theme, install it using the following these steps:

1. From the Settings icon on the XMB (Xross Media Bar), scroll to the Theme Settings option.
2. Press the X button to display the Theme menu, and then press the X button again to display a list of themes that are available for you to use.
3. Scroll to the desired theme, and then select Apply.

How to find it on PS3.
1. long into the Playstation Store
2. go to Themes & Avatars
3. go to Dynamic Themes
4. navigate to Rosa Acosta